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Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

Real name: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro
Profession: Football player
Sign: Aquarius
Date of Birth: Tuesday, 05 February 1985
Age: 32
Height: 1.87
Club: Real Madrid
Salary: 32 million EURO (2016)
Country: Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players on the planet. Born in 1985 on the Portuguese island of Madeira, within a modest family, Cristiano Ronaldo has a brother, Hugo, and two sisters, Elma and Catia. At the age of eleven, he joined the club of Sporting Portugal in Lisbon. Talented, he launches his career in Manchester United where he evolves under the orders of Sir Alex Ferguson.

He was awarded the Golden Ball in 2008 and with his club Manchester United the England Championship and the Champions League. In 2009, he signed the mythical club of Real Madrid as the most expensive player in history (94 million euros). Its elegance generates substantial financial returns via image contracts. He creates his brand of clothing, CR7. On 12 January 2015, he won the PrestigieuxBallon d’Or for the third time in his career. In December 2016, he won the Golden Ball for the fourth time. In January 2017, the athlete followed the rewards, and at the FIFA Gala won the trophy for the best football player of the year 2016.

On the heart side, in June 2010, Cristiano announces to be the father of a little boy, Cristiano Junior, whose sole custody is the mother, who prefers to remain anonymous. The football star is in a relationship with Irina Shayk, a Russian model. In January 2015, after five years of love, the press officer of Irina Shayk announced the breakup of the couple. In January 2017, he formalized with his new companion, the Model Georgina Rodriguez. On 8 June 2017, he became a father again, with the birth of the twins Eva and Mateo, born of a surrogate mother. In July 2017, he announced that his companion Georgina Rodriguez was pregnant. On November 12, 2017, the couple gave birth to a girl, Alana Martina.

Cristiano Ronaldo History!


Cristiano Ronaldo, the story of a gifted hero from Portugal

His country honored footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on 29 March 2017: The airport of Madeira, its native island, was renamed in its name. CR7, 32 years old, is rewarded for its grandiose course in the world of the round ball. Relive the great moments of a champion’s career out of the ordinary.

Cristiano Ronaldo, an exceptional career

The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo now has an airport in his name on the island of Madeira. This homage is given to him by his country after the victory at the Euro 2016. Back on the way that led CR7 of football fields to the status of national hero.

The birth

5 February 1985: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is born in Funchal, Portugal, on the island of Madeira. He is the fourth and latest child of Maria and José.

His name is a tribute to Ronald Reagan (1911-2004). Maria and José dos Santos Aveiro admired the former actor who became president of the United States of America (1981-1989).


August 2003: Cristiano Ronaldo, 18, ranks among the most promising young footballers in the world.

He impresses so much under the colors of sporting, his club trainer, that Manchester United disburses 18 million euros to attract him to England.

The Portuguese take # 7, like George Best, Eric Cantona, and David Beckham before him. The ascent will be blazing.

EURO 2004

At 19 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo is summoned for the Euro 2004 home. He set up as a holder alongside Luis Figo and Deco, scoring two goals and proving himself in the eyes of the whole of Europe.
But Portugal bows in the final against Greece (0-1). A terrible camouflage for a talented nation but has not won anything yet. Ronaldo’s in tears. This image and failure would haunt him for a long time.

CHAMPIONS League and Gold Ball 2008

In Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo stacks the goals and signs a year 2008 grand: The attacker wins the England Championship and especially the Champions League with the Red Devils in May.
A few months later he was elected Golden ball with a large advance. He became the third Portuguese rewarded after Eusebio (1965) and Luis Figo (2000).
The one called CR7 is then 23 years old. And it seems untouchable.



In June 2009, Real Madrid caused an earthquake on the planet Foot by offering Ronaldo for 94 million euros, the most expensive transfer of history at the time. The Portuguese join the largest club in the world.

The Decima

24 May 2014: in Lisbon, Real Madrid defeated Atlético de Madrid (4-1 A. P) in the Champions League final 2014. Ronaldo scores a goal and leads the Real to the “Decima,” the 10th win in the Champions League. The club had been waiting for him for 12 years.

CR7 then won the 2014 Gold Ball, his 3rd personal after 2008 and 2013. In Spain, he explodes the records and performs prowess with Lionel Messi, his rival of Barca. The statistics are mind-blowing.

EURO 2016

Portugal’s top scorer, the most capped player in Portugal, Captain Cristiano Ronaldo reached the Grail in July 2016: He leads his country to victory at the Euro 2016 against France in the final (0-1 a P).

The nightmare of 2004 is buried. Ronaldo succeeded where all failed before him: at 31 years old, he has just bought the first title to the Selecçao. CR7 becomes a little more a national hero.

On the island of Madeira, there is already a museum dedicated to its career. After the Euro, a strong deed is recorded: The airport of Madeira will be renamed Airport Cristiano Ronaldo.

The homage

Wednesday 29 March: In the presence of the Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and 5 000 spectators, the Madeira Airport officially takes the name of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I didn’t ask for this, but I’m not a hypocrite, and I recognize that it honors me and it makes me happy,” says CR7, 32 years old, back on Earth from his debut for this occasion.
A bronze bust with the likeness of the footballer is also unveiled. The sculpture makes people laugh a lot. Cristiano Ronaldo is, it is true, entirely unrecognizable …

His father’s memories

Cristiano Ronaldo has a tender look at his father, a former alcoholic, who disappeared ten years ago: “Of course, as I say in my film, I would have liked to have a better father, but it is like that.” He’s on my mind all the time. When I talk about him, I’m proud because he taught me a lot of things. I’m not unhappy; I’m so happy. And the Portuguese to evoke his childhood memories, when he was already above his buddies: I scored many goals. The day after the match, I was in the newspaper, my father was so proud that he showed it to all his buddies in the neighborhood. It’s an incredible memory, and it’s the one I keep in me.