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Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wife/Girlfriend.

Birth:  27 January 1995

Age: 22 years

Profession: Model

Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Spain

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: Still ( wife )

Who’s GEORGINA Rodriguez? All you need to know about Cristiano RONALDO’s girlfriend

The Spanish model of 23 years seems the most serious couple of the astro of Real Madrid since it broke its relationship with Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo lives most of his life given the public but has always kept his personal relationships secret since he reached stardom.

The front of Real Madrid was about five years with the Russian model, Irina Shayk; Until January of the year 2015, when its rupture was described by the own family of Cristiano Ronaldo like “a Death.”

Since then, Ronaldo has appeared linked to several women, but only one has made his appearance as the suitable bride of the Astro.

Judging from his attendance at the FIFA ‘ The Best ‘ award ceremony, in which Cristiano Ronaldo was named best player of the year, the 23-year-old Spaniard, Georgina Rodriguez, is officially the bride of the striker.
In May, Georgina appeared in some pictures with Ronaldo, in Ibiza. She looked a rather small swimsuit and the pictures circulated all over the world.

Who’s GEORGINA Rodriguez?

According to the newspaper the Sun, Georgina Rodriguez is native to the southeast of the country, of Jaca, a city of only 13,000 inhabitants that is near the border with France, to about 450 kilometers of Madrid.
He has worked as a waitress in his hometown before moving with a family to Bristol (England) as an au pair. More recently, she worked as an employee at a Gucci store in Madrid.

Georgina is also a dancer, but it is said that since she is with Ronaldo, she is starting her career as a model for her new public profile.

How did you meet RONALDO?

Rumors say that Cristiano Ronaldo meets Georgina Rodriguez in the VIP area of an event organized in Madrid by Dolce & Gabbana, although it is not too bright when they begin to see.

The relationship seems to have been cemented since then. However, the paparazzi knocked out the secret at the end of last year with some photographs. But more memorable was when Cristiano Ronaldo was hunted with a wig and sunglasses at Disneyland not to be recognized.
Since then, Georgina Rodriguez has attended many games of Real Madrid and, of course, the FIFA Gala, where she was one more alongside the family of the Portuguese astro.

Although it draws attention that they do not share photographs together or in the profiles of social networks of Cristiano Ronaldo or those of Georgina Rodriguez, although they are both followed.

What do they have for the future?

The 32-year-old player has made several public appearances with Georgina, and it seems that this relationship is the most serious he has maintained since he separated from Irina Shayk.

It is also notable the excellent relationship that Georgina seems to have with Christian Jr, of whom the striker has custody and educates with his mother, Dolores. The identity of the biological mother of the son of Cristiano Ronaldo has been kept secret since its birth in 2010.

Georgina has shared gestures of cooperation with Cristiano Jr in the private box of the Portuguese astro during the matches of Real Madrid, a good omen for the future and the relationship.

Georgina Rodriguez is the mother of cristiano ronaldo’s son Mateo Ronaldo and  daughter Eva Maria Das Santos


Cristiano Ronaldo First Wife? ( Mother Of “Cristianinho” CR7 Junior )


Cristiano Ronaldo and his son: his first revelations about the baby’s ( CR7 Junior ) mother.

This is the best-kept secret of Cristiano Ronaldo. Father of Cristiano Jr., the star of Real Madrid refuses to reveal the identity of the mother to the whole world as to his 4-year-old son. And if it is not yet close for this, the lover of Irina Shayk has just given for the first time details about the mysterious mother. An interview with Portuguese television during which he also took advantage to talk about marriage …

No name but … a nationality. After years of mystery, Cristiano Ronaldo has just revealed for the first time the country to which the mother of his little boy belongs. “His mother is of Portuguese nationality.” “And even if my son was born in the United States, he is Portuguese,” he entrusted on the ITV channel. A way to refute the rumors that Cristiano Jr. is the fruit of an adventure between his dad and an American waitress or that she played the surrogate mother …

Cristiano Ronaldo, who repeated his desire never to reveal her
the name came back on his decision. “I want people to respect my son’s privacy, and that’s why I would never make public the name of his mother,” he said. But without further commenting on his controversial decision not to communicate the identity of the mother to his son. To believe the last golden ball, the boy seems in any case perfectly to live the situation. “He studies in an American school and learns English, Spanish and Portuguese.” He is a happy child who is interested in boxing, cars, and football insists CR7.

Decidedly delighted to pour on his private life – once is not custom – Cristiano Ronaldo then referred to his mother. With her autobiography Mother Courage, Dolores Aveiro had made her talk about her by revealing that she wanted to abort CR7. Which did not bother the interested, very close to her? “It’s an interesting book that makes the family proud.” That was a spontaneous decision that I respect. Nothing that is written is a surprise to me. “My relationship with my mother is excellent … she wanted to show the world What I live,” he says.

During the interview, Cristiano Ronaldo did not avoid the questions about his beautiful Irina Shayk. Does he think about the wedding? “For the moment no,” replied CR7, who said “still young” and “not ready yet.” And to add: “But like anyone else in the world, I would like to marry one day.” I get along well with Irina, but getting married is an important step. I have time to think about it. “Even if, of course, I would like to marry one day like all normal people.” But not everyone has the chance to rely on a beautiful model for that. CR7 should not waste any time …

But… Now

Cristiano Ronaldo married Georgina Rodriguez …. ( surrogate mother of Mateo Ronaldo and Eva Maria Das Santos )