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CR7 Jr

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior ( Cristianinho, Cr7 jr )

Birth: 17 June 2010
Age: 7
Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Portuguese ( according to cr7 )
Birthplace: San Diego, California
Relation With Cristiano Ronaldo: Son
Mother: Identity Unrevealed
Nickname: Cristianinho
Grandparents: Maria Dolores Dos Santos Aveiro, Jose Dinis Aveiro
Uncle: Hugo
Aunt: Elma, Liliana
Brother: Mateo Ronaldo
Sister: Eva Maria Dos Santos

Cristianinho ( Cristiano Ronaldo Junior ) life with Cristiano Ronaldo.

He participates in the most important situations of his father, while he breaks it playing football and enjoys life with CR7. It can be said ‘Luxurious.’

Every so often, when his father returns to the sight of the world, he appears: The son of Cristiano Ronaldo, Cris Junior, usually compare the player of Real Madrid to all the important moments of his career: awards of prizes, finals, tournaments, big.

How old is he?

Cris Junior is seven years old and lives in Madrid, with his father. María Dolores dos Santos, the mother of CR7, is usually the one who helps the player to take care of him and raise him. It is estimated that he was born in California, United States, on June 17, 2010.

How does Cristiano Jr play football?

In recent times, CR7 was responsible for sharing several moments in which his son stands out in different sequences. Everything indicates that the boy likes football as much as his dad.

“The times I went to see him play I was surprised by his qualities, I would like to be a player, but I will not press, depend on his head, not equal to how I was born, with difficulties, he has no difficulty, so I think it will depend on your head” Said.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo care?

Ronaldo confessed that his son completely changed the focus on which he turned his life. So things could be seen participating in his education, his vacation, his first physical exercises. Of all his life, practically, although the profession of the footballer can be sometimes very slave by the concentrations, trips, and schedules of matches.

“It is a good boy who makes his father happy; I want to have more children, I am happy since Cris was born I started to gain more things and that is a sign of glory and happiness.” Made Me a better person and athlete.

Who’s the mother of Cristiano Junior? Identity Unrevealed?
It is said that mother of cristianinho ( Cr7.jr ) was a penniless American waitress. Cristiano Ronaldo is supposed to have paid the young women £10million to keep her identity secret and give the baby to his family.

It is a question that is not clear. Cristiano Ronaldo always avoided talking about the subject. Everything indicates that the mother had an affair with CR7 when the Portuguese were in Manchester United. It seems evident that the two sides decided to separate, so Cris Junior does not have a maternal figure, beyond the care given by his grandmother. In recent times, he was seen very close to Georgina, the pair of CR7.

Identical hairstyles

Just before the Confederations Cup 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo and his son appeared with entirely same hairstyles. Spectacular!