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List Of Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriends

  1. Georgina Rodriguez
  2. Irina Shayk
  3. Raffaela Fico
  4. Kim Kardashian
  5. Paris Hilton
  6. Mirella Grisales
  7. Letizia Filipi
  8. Merche Romoro
  9. Karina Bacchi
  10. Niki Ghazian
  11. Nereida gallardo
  12. Imogen Thomas
  13. Luana Belletti

Georgina Rodriguez

Birth:  27 January 1995

Age: 22 years

Profession: Model

Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Spain

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: Still

Born in 1995 in Spain, Georgina Rodriguez was a young model working for the luxury brand Gucci. Not known to the general public, she made her appearance in the tabloids in 2016, when she was photographed alongside the famous Portuguese international football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

In May 2017, we still know little about this young Spanish model who has not yet publicly spoken. It is nevertheless understood that she spent a large part of her childhood in Jaca, in the province of Huesca, in northern Spain. At the age of 17, Georgina Rodriguez left for London to learn English, intending to an international career. Two years later she moved to Madrid where she started her modeling work. It is in the Spanish capital that it makes the acquaintance of Ronaldo.

It was in December 2016 that the relationship between the footballer and Georgina Rodriguez appeared in the big day. While the young woman is seen and photographed for the first time in the company of the sportsman in Paris. In July 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo announces the pregnancy of Georgina. On November 12, 2017, the couple gave birth to a girl, Alana Martina.

Irina Shayk

Birth: 6 January 1986

Age: 31 years

Profession: Model

Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: Russian

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: May 2010 – December 2014

Born in a small town in the Ural Mountains, in Russia, Irina Shaikhislamova, who stood out in the fashion world as Irina Shaik. Ex-girlfriend football player Cristiano Ronaldo, the Russian model, has a life marked by difficulties. His father died a victim of a lung disease when he was a newborn, and since then Irina’s mother has been keeping two jobs to sustain both daughters. However, the money was not left, and Irina grew up experiencing difficulties and suffering hardships.

An excellent student at the school, she has also devoted herself to piano lessons since she was nine years old. In adolescence, he began to draw attention to his height and the exotic traits. Until the last few years of school, Irina Ponder not joining the modeling career. After graduating, he moved to the city of Tcheliábinsk with his sister to make economics faculty. It didn’t take long to be invited by representatives of the Model agency Svetlana to participate in a beauty pageant in 2004. Irina was elected, earned a sum of money and moved to Moscow.

His first campaign was by the Italian label Intimissimi, starring campaigns, commercials and the representation of the brand over 2010. Among the contracts, the model closed with La Perla, guess, Lacoste and Armani Exchange companies. In addition to advertising campaigns, Irina was the first Russian model to stamp the cover of the magazine “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.” The top is one of the preferred models of the men’s magazines and has repeatedly capped covers of publications such as “GQ,” “Playboy” and “Esquire.”

In 2011, he won the 13th place on the list of 100 sexiest models in the world. She was the poster girl for the Guess label for three consecutive seasons.

The relationship with the Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo started in 2010, after meeting the recording of a commercial for the underwear line of the Armani brand. The couple came to schedule the wedding for the second half of 2012, but the ceremony was canceled. The model’s relationship with the ace came to an end in January 2015.

Irina also dedicates part of her time to charitable causes and helps her hometown through donations sent to a local maternity ward. The model still collaborates with the Foundation and provides financial assistance to orphans and homeless children.

Raffaela Fico

Birth:  29 January 1988

Age: 29

Profession: Singer and  Model

Nationality: Italian

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: October 2009

The participation in 2008 at the “Big Brother” the After the Gate of television shows and film parts. At the center of a controversial media about the paternity of the daughter born in 2012, which the footballer Mario Balotelli recognizes only two years later, debuts as a singer in June 2014 with the single “Rush,” inspired by the American urban R&B.

The former girlfriend of Mario Balotelli, Raffaella Fico said he had known his first time with a confident Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football fans, or more specifically women of footballers, are necessarily Raffaella Fico. This Italian bimbo had a child a few years ago with Mario Balotelli. But the striker of AC Milan is not the only player that the young woman has attended. It has indeed come to confess in the Italian media that it was with Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid winger, that she had known her first time: “I lost my virginity with Cristiano Ronaldo, and I am thrilled.” We’ve been through a wonderful story for 11 months. »

Where the affair becomes crispy – or sordid, it is the choice – is that Raffaella had put his virginity at auction for a million euros in 2009, while she was participating in a reality show. All of Italy wonders if the Portuguese international has played its charms or its purse to seduce the pretty brunette

Kim Kardashian

Age: 37 years

Profession: producer, animator

Sign: Libra

Birth: 21 October 1980

Nationality: United States

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: April 2010

Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles In 1980, October. His father, Robert Kardashian, is the Armenian-born lawyer who defended American footballer O.J. Simpson.

Kim Kardashian debuted on television and made several appearances in series, before becoming the star of a reality show entitled Keeping Up With The Kardashians, aired on the channel E!, which portrays her day with her family. This springboard allows him to give the reply to Matt Lanter and Vanessa Minnillo, in Disaster Movie, released in 2008. In the likewise year, she participated in the show Dancing with the Stars and interviewed the most famous wrestlers at the WrestleMania XXIV, the most significant WWE show.

From 2010, she returned with two reality shows once again to her name: The Kardashian Sisters in Miami and less Kardashian in New York. In 2011, she released a single, Jam, whose profits were repaid to an association.

On the privacy side, Kim Kardashian marries the music producer Damon Thomas, but the marriage runs Short (2000 – 2004). She then began a relationship with singer Ray J, then with the American professional football player Reggie Bush. She marries the basketball player Kris Humphries but breaks up after 72 days. In April 2012, Kim appeared on the arm of rapper Kanye West. She gave birth to a girl child, called North, on June 15, 2013. On October 21, 2013, Day of the 33 years of his Belle, the rapper rented the baseball stadium AT&T Park in San Francisco to make his wedding proposal in front of their many guests! On 24 May 2014, she married Kanye West in Florence in front of the E-channel cameras! For the TV reality show from the Kardashian family. In May 2015, Kim Kardashian announced waiting for her second child. On 5 December 2015, she gave birth to her second child, a little boy named Saint. In January 2018, the couple should again become parents thanks to a surrogate mother.

Paris Hilton

Birth: 17 February 1981

Profession: Model, Actress, Singer

Age: 36 years

Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: United States

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: June 2009

An indispensable Figure of the American jet set, the heiress of the Hilton hotel chain, Paris Hilton, was born in 1981, February 17, in New York City. She spent her childhood in California where she attended one of the most upscale schools in the company of her sister and her childhood friend, Nicole Richie.

She made her modeling debut and, at the age of 19, signed with the T Management agency. It then appears in the advertising campaigns of more or less expensive brands: guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Iceberg Vodka, Christian Dior and Puma. Then she launches into the television adventure when FOX broadcaster offers her to co-host with her best friend Nicole Richie a reality show. The Simple life, in which the two young jet-setters must endure to live for a while with a family in the country, wins a great success. But Paris Hilton is mainly known in 2004 following the broadcast of the video 1 Night in Paris, a sex tape of his antics as her boyfriend at the time, Rick Salomon. Paris Hilton then sued a lawsuit, which she won, and paid half of the damages (totaling $400 000) to charities.

Since then, the blonde sulfurous, uneven jet-setter has become the object of the daily attention of the press people. According to Forbes magazine, it is even the person in the world most exposed in the media in 2006, which is worth increasing his fortune a little more (estimated at $2 million in 2004; $6.5 million in 2005 and $7 million in 2006). In September 2006, arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, she was sentenced to 36 months probation and 1500 euros fine, a penalty that she aggravated by being surprised again a few months later at the wheel of his Bentley more than speed … Condemned this time to 45 days of firm prison, many are those who enjoy the prison adventure of the damsel reputed for her whims. She will eventually be released from jail for good behavior after 23 days of incarceration.

Paris Hilton tries a foray into the cinema and appears in some films like the House of Wax (which is worth the Teen Choice Awards in 2005, and the Razzie Awards of the worst second role in 2006), the Hottie & the Nottie (2008) … She took part in 2008 to a new reality show designed to find her a new “best friend,” having scrambled with Nicole Richie. In 2007, she even tried the song to take out an album, which did not quite know the success.

In the heart, Paris Hilton frequents the mannequin, Jason Shaw, from 2001 to 2003. In 2010, it appeared on the arm of the club boss Cy Waits. But the idyll runs short after a year. After several conquests, it was at the division of the Italian footballer Mario Balotelli that the Belle appeared in July 2012. In May 2015, she met businessman Thomas Gross, but the couple separated after a year.

Mirella Grisales

Birth: 1 January 1979

Age: 38

Sign: Capricorn

Profession: TV Host actress, Model

Nationality:  Colombian

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: 2007 – 2008

Mirella Grisales (born January 1, 1979) is a Colombian spokesmodel, actress, and TV host. She presents works for Telemundo, and a sports TV network. Each Week deals with football in Colombia. She was the roof of the prestigious publication “H for Men” who were made famous by the Argentine photographer Kike San Martin.

Mirella Grisales was born near Medellin, Colombia in 1979. She has appeared in various TV shows in Columbia. She has been a TV host for NBC Universal Grisales for Titulares. She has also worked with Tomalo Sauve and Aurora.

She has dated Cristiano Ronaldo 2 times, once in 2007 and other in 2008. Renowned for being the sexiest television host in Columbia, she has been elusive about her personal life.

Letizia Filippi

Birth: 1 January 1978

Age: 39

Sign: Capricorn

Profession: Model

Nationality: Italian

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: 2008

Letizia is a beautiful brunette playing the model on Italian television. Letizia introduced herself to Miss Italy in 1994, and she arrived 3rd. Spotted by the bosses of chains, Silvio Berlusconi in the lead, the beautiful makes its appearance on the Rai en 1994, for Uno number. Then on Canale 5 of the show Hello Sunday! Letizia is an inveterate flirt who comes out with lots of Italian athletes! Flavio Briatore (boss of F1), Alberto Tomba (ski champion), or Loris Capirossi (motorcycle rider). She has had a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo since his breakup with Nereida Gallardo in the summer of 2008.

Merche Romero

Birth: 27 November 1976

Age: 41

Profession: Host, Journalist, Model

Nationality: Portuguese

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: June  2010 – September 2010

Merche Romero Gomes born on 27 November 1976, is a TV presenter of Andorran descent and Portuguese model. She is known for once being the girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who was nine years immature than her. She stated the end of her relationship with him on a Portuguese television show in 2006.

She is a Spanish and Portuguese origin. She born in Andorra and currently lives and works in Portugal. She gained notoriety for being the girlfriend of former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, nine years younger than her.

Merche was related to Cristiano Ronaldo. Although many photos were published of Cristiano Ronaldo and Merche Romero together on holiday and at various events, Cristiano refused to talk to his girlfriend. But Cristiano never explicitly affirmed nor denied the connection. On 26 September 2006, Merche announced the end of their relationship, while being interviewed for the Portuguese television show Só Visto!: “Cristiano and I are no longer together.”

Karina Bacchi

Birth: 8 October 1976

Age: 41

Profession: Model, Actress

Nationality: Brazilian

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: 2007

Karina Bacchi was born on October 1976, is a Brazilian actress, model, and reality television personality, best remembered for holding the winner of the first season of the Brazilian variant of Dancing with the Stars and the winner of the second season of the Brazilian Version of The Farm (early 2010).

Bacchi was born in São Manuel, São Paulo, Brazil on October 8, 1976. She won the second season of the Brazilian version of the Farm and was awarded one million Reais.

Niki Ghazian

Birth: 3 May 1982

Age: 35

Profession: Swimwear Model

Nationality: American

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: July 2008

Unlike Nereida Gallardo (or even the Romero merche), Cristiano Ronaldo’s former conquests had never spoken of the sexual prowess of the Portuguese star.

This is not the case with Niki Ghazian. This American, a model in her lost hours, admits having spent a torrid night with Cristiano Ronaldo in Los Angeles. Instead “good customer” on her confidences, Niki Ghazian does not go there by four paths.

“We can forgive him.”

“Cristiano is well well-hung and talented in many fields,” she said. “His orthopedic boot (he operated on his ankle a few weeks ago) did not stop him from showing me his talents in bed.” Of course, we were limited to the level of the poses, but when we sleep with the most good-looking man in the world, we can forgive him.

“I have reached the Seventh Heaven.”

His sexual relationship with “CR7”, Niki Ghazian remembers it as if it were yesterday.”I spent an unforgettable night,” she continued. “When his right leg hurt him, he was lying down, and I was putting on him.” “I must confess that I have reached the seventh heaven thanks to him.”

Nereida Gallardo

Birth: 18 March 1983

Age: 34

Sign: Pisces

Profession: Model

Nationality: Spanish

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: January 2008 – July 2008

Nereida Gallardo is a young Spanish bimbo, student and semi-professional model of Majorca. She is known for her sensational affair with the football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. The girl is distinguished by a Latin dream plastic, which she never hesitates to flaunt. The English tabloids followed in the magnifying glass his love story with the Manchester United striker. After realizing that she had gone out with another football player, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo would have turned away from her. A prototype of the girl who put everything on her physique …

Imogen Thomas

Birth: 29 November 1982

Age: 34

Sign: Sagittarius

Profession:  Actress

Nationality:  WELSH

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: April 2010

The football star Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly reported that he often went out with Imogen Thomas, Miss Wales in 2006. She denied knowing the Portuguese football player.

Cristiano Ronaldo lies between the infidel and the liar. While maintaining a serious relationship with the beautiful Irina Shayk, who posed nude for Marc Jacobs, CR7 said he often saw the Miss Wales 2006, Imogen Thomas, who is also a former candidate for Big Brother and girlfriend of the attacker of Tottenham Jermain Defoe. Information denied by the entourage of Imogen Thomas.

Luana Belletti

Birth: 1986

Age: 31

Profession: Model, Stylist, Fashion Designer

Nationality: Brazilian

Time duration with Cristiano Ronaldo: 2009

Her name is Luana Belletti. He was born in Cascavel, Brazil, in 1986. It is the sister of the right side Julian Belletti, that player who knew to be in the selection of Brazil and Barcelona. Although the sector of Juliano was the right, in many cases he worked on the left or in the midfield. It seems that the character of the Belletti is the polyfunctionality. Julian on the court and Luana out of it. In his Twitter account, the sensual Garota pride to perform many activities. According to her profile, she is a model, a personal stylist, and fashion designer. He also has a column in an English fashion magazine. A player of the whole court (pity not having found a single note signed by her on the Internet). According to an interview, he settled in London to study and be close to his brother when he played in Chelsea.

Once in London, not all of them were books and Chelsea in Luana’s life. The Brazilian was involved with Cristiano Ronaldo. It was even said that they spent the last Christmas together and even that the model planned to marry the Portuguese. But, as in the World Cup 2010, the Portuguese astro was erased.

From this complicated history of love disappointments, Luana found his love in another man. The one was Ricardo Quaresma. The love story began at a party, and both were narrowed with each other. The choice of Quaresma as his new love draws attention, more than anything for the incredible physical similarity between his current boyfriend and Cristiano Ronaldo. If we are guided by haircuts, fighting with Quaresma, their upcoming goals would be James Rodriguez or Angel Di Maria.