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Juventus transfer market, choice of heart | The future of Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus transfer market, decisive days to understand the future of Cristiano Ronaldo: the choice of heart appears. But the problem is the engagement

The early closure of the European Championship significantly brings the discovery of Cristiano Ronaldo’s future closer. The Portuguese, as already anticipated yesterday, should have a meeting with the club this week to clarify his situation. The feeling is that in the end it can stay, but in the last hours, as explained by Repubblica, a new track would be making its way. A choice of heart, practically.

Yes, the knot of the engagement remains without doubt. But any club interested in the Portuguese champion knows very well that they cannot pay the 31 million euros that they currently take from Juventus. And that they are also guaranteed for next season. So either Ronaldo decides he wants to leave, “settling” for a different engagement, or he stays with Juventus.

Juventus transfer market, on Ronaldo there is Sporting

there would be a new team ready to take on Cristiano Ronaldo. A choice of heart to be clear. The Sporting Lisbon , which has launched in football matters. But who certainly cannot afford the amount that the Portuguese takes at Juventus. It therefore remains a difficult operation. With Manchester United and PSG remaining in the lead in the race to CR7, should the same decide to leave Juventus.

Of course, now the feeling is that Cristiano can continue at Juventus. Because he does not seem willing to discuss his engagement again with any club. And then there is the possibility, for the last time, to go and take the Champions League with the black and white shirt. The return of Allegri, on the bench, is also for this reason. Go back to dreaming of the cup with big ears

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