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Cristiano Ronaldo, the turning point arrives. Juventus is ready

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future is increasingly directed in one direction. Here are the latest, important news on Juventus’ Portuguese striker.

To face Cristiano Ronaldo’s future we must start by taking a look at Paris. The future of Kylian Mbappé experiences particularly hot hours in terms of the transfer market. After the great disappointment and the crucial mistake with his France, there is much goodbye to PSG for the striker who came heavily in the sights of Real Madrid. It is now clear that the player has no intention of renewing his current contract until 2022. This obviously opens up scenarios that also closely affect Juventus and its champion.

Cristiano Ronaldo towards PSG

The calcium portal explains that the prospects for renewal until 2023 seem to be totally discarded for the bomber. Certainly, however, they will have to be carefully evaluated in the coming days. If Manchester United and Real Madrid do not seem to trace the path that leads to the striker, PSG is perhaps the only hypothesis really viable for Cristiano Ronaldo. His farewell inevitably intersects with the future of Kylian Mbappé, who also arrived at the crucial crossroads for his future.

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