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Cristiano Ronaldo, rumors of renewal from Spain. The truth

Cristiano Ronaldo keeps Juventus in check, which for its part, according to Spanish voices, has thought about renewing and spreading an engagement.

P OU be a Juve without Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes, if the phenomenon decides to say goodbye to Italy a year in advance. CR7 is disposing of the disappointment and anger for the elimination from the European Championship but soon it will have to dissolve the reservation on its future. And just as soon there will be a contact between Jorge Mendes and the Juventus management to outline the scenarios. The agent is weaving the canvas but the real proposals, at the moment, are in hiding. CR7, on the other hand, has not yet expressed its intention to leave, despite the fact that it has never reassured in words about its stay. Everything is open, everything is at stake, in short. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and the voices from Spain

At the Continassa, in any case, we are already thinking about the possibility of having to do without Ronaldo. With or without Cris it obviously makes all the difference in the world. Allegri would lose an enormous technical capital and an alternative would have to be found capable of guaranteeing 101 goals in three seasons. The positive aspect would be from the point of view of the club’s accounts, heavily penalized by the pandemic, which would gain oxygen from the start of the phenomenon. Rumors have rebounded from Spain that Juventus would have offered the renewal to Cristiano Ronaldo so as to spread a salary. They haven’t been though. find confirmations about it.

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