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Because Cristiano Ronaldo is inimitable

Cristiano Ronaldo is inimitable

Question between provocation and paradox: if Cristiano Ronaldo were free today, could a team hire him for 30 million net all inclusive, purchase and salary? This is the situation in which Juventus finds itself and then the question is no longer provocative or even paradoxical. Andrea Agnelli’s club must wait to know the wishes and plans of the Portuguese champion whose contract expires in a year. Double or fold? The quiz causes anxiety, the company’s accounts are heavy but someone overlooks that the engagement of Cristiano, however very heavy for the accounts, ends while the case is loomingDybala whose requests are close to 10 million per year for a minimum of three seasons. So the figure is similar but the yield? Ronaldo was a guarantee for the Juventus attack, he is a constant danger for any opposing defense, he can no longer have the same explosive continuity of his best period but, for the faint of memory, I remember that he was the best goalscorer of the last championship , despite the evident difficulties of Juventus . Andrea Agnelli and his staff must reflect, regardless of the Portuguese’s response. A possible departure of Cristiano could free the cash register serious commitments and, therefore, one could think of hiring a center forward, this really needs Juventus.

Morata is not enough who can return to the squad but cannot be the starting forward of a season, which is why on Cristiano Ronaldo, the company’s top management will have to be long and attentive, perhaps involving the champion himself. Cristiano was a very expensive whim but also an important resource , the Champions Cup has not arrived but for that matter neither Messi nor Mbappé won it, earning equally sensational figures.

At thirty – six , Cristiano Ronaldo represents the crossroads before which Juventus will have to choose which path to take. If he were to stay in Turin, he will be the first to have a different responsibility from the one he has faced up to now. If he should decide to terminate the contract or to identify another team, Juventus and its fans, but the rest of our football, they will still have to thank him for these years given to Italy .

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