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Raphaël Varane does not see Mbappé and Haaland become the new Messi and Ronaldo

Mbappé and Haaland become the new Messi and Ronaldo

This is the fashionable comparison of the moment. With an aging Ronaldo (36) and an aging Messi (33), on paper only as the two giants continue to crush everything in their path in their respective league, football fans imagine another rivalry for the next decade: that de Haaland (20 years old) and Mbappé (22 years old). The two attackers also score every weekend, enough to fuel this duel.

Raphaël Varane

On the antennas of Europe 1 , Raphaël Varane was questioned on the subject. For the French, if the two young players remain excellent, they will never equal the two men with eleven Ballon d’Or cumulative. “Comparisons are always complicated. I think Messi and Cristiano are out of the ordinary. And they have a very special place in the history of football. But I think Kylian has the qualities to also mark his generation and football in general. “ That is clear.

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