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The attackers will set fire to the summer transfer window

The major theme of the next summer transfer window will undoubtedly be the striker. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Messi via Haaland and Mbappé, many of them can change their tunic.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Messi via Haaland and Mbappé

It is a special position which, like goalkeepers, can generate a huge set of musical chairs. For a number of years now, except for a few clubs looking for the new sensation, there has been a form of stability in the numbers 9. This summer should be one of great upheaval given the recent sporting results and the situation. contract of many attackers. With the economic context, the interest in recruiting free players has further increased.

This is the case, for example, of Sergio Agüero with Manchester City, who is in the sights of FC Barcelona after 10 years with the Citizens. Barça may be the pivotal club for the next transfer window, with a desire to renew its workforce and the case of Lionel Messi. La Pulga could trigger a huge wave of transfers if they decide to change tune by joining Manchester City or PSG, for example. Barça, for its part, also checked the name of Memphis Depay, who will leave free OL next June.

Mbappé and Haaland have the cards in hand

Since Juventus Turin’s elimination from the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo is also considered a possible starter this summer. With Real Madrid, Manchester United or even PSG as possible destinations. Like Messi, the Portuguese would accentuate the trend of a transfer window focused on attackers by signing elsewhere. The expected explosion can also come from the youngest.

Mbappé and Haaland

Kylian Mbappé still leaves suspense on his future at PSG by still not extending his contract, while Erling Haaland continues to excite all of Europe by piling up goals. Mbappé, Haaland, Ronaldo, Messi, Agüero, Depay, the cast is terribly beautiful for the summer transfer window. But we can add players such as Ibrahimovic, Giroud or Cavani, at the end of the contract (for now) with their respective clubs. Not to mention the usual looting of English clubs in our regions and elsewhere. It promises.

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