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Cristiano Ronaldo: How his brand CR7 became a true multinational?


Cristiano Ronaldo managed to impose the CR7 brand in the world of fashionistas. Thanks to its various fashion projects, Portuguese is the head of a real multinational. But how did he succeed, where the others failed?

At the age of 33, Cristiano Ronaldo never ceases to amaze us. If he continues to fly over all his contemporaries in the football world, the fire-craze of Real Madrid has also forced his touch away from the green squares. In a very short time, his CR7 brand has punctured the screen. After the underwear, the five-ball d’or launched its own brand of Denim. In addition to revamping from head to toe, the Portuguese has released its own fragrance. And as if it were not enough, holidaymakers can also stay in hotels bearing the name of the famous number 7. But how to explain this insolent success of Cristiano? Answer in the next lines!



As you can imagine, Cristiano Ronaldo is for many in the success of his brand CR7. The best paid sportsman in the world, Portuguese is also a real marketing product. According to an estimate by the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing (IPAM), the brand “CR7 ” weighs 102 million euros. Just that! King of social networks, Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to best optimize his sponsorship recipes. Every one of his sponsored posts gives him the modest sum of $400, 000. And in addition to collecting gold balloons, his heart is also. Cristiano does not hesitate to raise funds for the poor. Which boosted its popularity beyond the football fields.



True head of Gondola for several brands (Nike, Nubia, TAG Heuer…), Cristiano Ronaldo has moulted as a real businessman his last years. If he confessed that he did not see himself in the shoes of a coach, Cristiano still has many things to do in the fashion world. Relying on social networks (121 million of followers on Instagram, 122 million on Facebook, 69 million on Twitter), the Portuguese managed to weave its web as it seems. Today, the string of advertising contracts of the one who signed a contract to 1 billion euros with Nike pays him almost as much as his salary. And as his image continues to grow, Cristiano Ronaldo can still impress us. More than a footballer, CR7 is now a full-fledged brand. Kind of like Michael Jordan!


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