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In total denim look, CR7 made the cover of GQ Italia with his son Cristiano JR.


While he has just celebrated his 33rd birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo makes the cover of GQ Italia with his son. For the occasion, CR7 is undermined with its own brand of denim.


We had heard rumors about the admiration of our Italian colleagues for the style of CR7. But we could not expect them to offer a cover of the most hyped magazine in Italy to the superstar of Real Madrid. While he has just celebrated his 33 years, he who still has quite a few things to accomplish in the world of fashion with his various projects takes the pose in total look denim. Accompanied by his son, Cristiano even lent himself to the game of the interview to talk in particular of his paternity.
Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me. And it makes me very happy. I enjoy every moment I spend with my children, explains Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview river. In addition to his role as a father he takes to heart, the Portuguese also came back on the launch of his brand, CR7 Denim. It was a very funny experience, a great fatherson moment, he said. And for the record, Cristiano Ronaldo also offers a line of clothing for the juniors.

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