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From Ronaldo to CR7 via Neymar JR, the Nike Mercurial continues to mark the history of football


Designed to provide explosive speed, the Nike Mercurial shoe has marked the spirits at the feet of Ronaldo (R9), Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar JR. And here are his greatest moments of glory!


Born in 1998 as part of a partnership between Nike and Brazil, the Mercurial shoe has become one of the most iconic silos on the planet football. At the time of its launch, the Brazilian Ronaldo was chosen as Ambassador of the Mercurial. In line with R9 ‘s vision, the Nike Mercurial has been adapted for speed. And since Ronaldo’s exploits in the 1998 World Cup, the Mercurial has been able to do wonders at the feet of the best attackers. And these are not the genius shots of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar JR who will reverse this!
In 2009, another Ronaldo scored his time with a Mercurial at the feet, winning the first Puskás prize of FIFA for the most beautiful goal of the year. It is of course CR7 who played, at the time, under the colors of Manchester United. And even after leaving England for the Spanish capital the same year, Cristiano Ronaldo and his (many) Mercurial continued to stand out as the cream of the cream, through the competition in European clubs or elsewhere. In 2011, the Mercurials once again found themselves on the front of the stage at the feet of Neymar JR who wants more than ever to write the next chapter in the history of football. For the record, over the last decade, 110 goals have been enrolled with the iconic shoe at the world’s biggest national tournaments, including 35 in the European Cup alone in 2016, making it the shoe that scored the most goals in the Competition.

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