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Air Force 1 CR7 at the feet, Cristiano Ronaldo promos His denim brand with his son!


Cristiano Ronaldo is at the forefront of trends. To promote his brand, the Portuguese took the pose with his son. And of course, the Nike Air Force 1 CR7 was at the Rendezvous!


Cristiano Ronaldo has not finished to impress us. The footballer who has just received a sublime Nike sneaker covered with gold for his 33 years has again hit on Instagram. Real Madrid superstar took the pose with his son, Cristiano Junior, to promote his brand CR7 Denim. And to impress even more its 120 million followers on Instagram, the Portuguese wisp has donned its sublime Nike air Force 1 CR7 while its son was content to wear the air Max 97 Triple White. In short, we explains how to shopp the pieces worn by Cristiano and his son.
If you want to adopt the same look as Cristiano Ronaldo, it‘s simple. Just take a ride on the official eshop of the fiveball d’or which offers different rooms, for men and children, at affordable prices. Even better, some items of his brand are still sold. On the other hand, for sneakers, it’s more complicated. The air Force 1 CR7 and the Air Max 97 Triple White are out of stock on the official circuit but, you can get them on this new French site which offers and unearth different authentic silhouettes.

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