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After Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to invest in the… Morocco!


Decidedly, Cristiano Ronaldo does nothing like the others. After opening hotels in Portugal, CR7 is about to invest in Morocco, a country that will cross the path of Seleção in the World Cup 2018.


One more! After launching hosts in Funchal and Lisbon, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to open another... in Morocco. As revealed by the local press, the superstar of Real Madrid should inaugurate the Pestana CR7, in Marrakech, from 2019. And according to the main noises of the hallway, this is a hotel of 168 rooms, just that. While MeltyStyle explained to you a few days ago why CR7 should have more Nike sneakers to his effigy, Portuguese should invest no less than 40 million euros in this new project.
The best paid sportsman in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a great businessman. And it‘s not for nothing that he decided to invest in real estate in Morocco. Marrakech is a real tourist attraction for the Chérifien kingdom and the Maghreb in general. And the Hotel de CR7 is part of an ambitious real estate project on a whole new area in the Ochre city. For the short story, Cristiano Ronaldo will cross the road of Moroccan selection at the 2018 World Cup. By then, the Real Madrid star will be entitled to its own Nike Air Max 97 in red.

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