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Cristiano Ronaldo, The Rock, Justin Bieber… What celebrity is most followed on Instagram in 2017?


Follow a star on Instagram it’s so cool. But who among Cristiano Ronaldo, the Rock and Justin Bieber has the most followers on this social network?


As the end of the year is approaching, it is time to draw up the first balance sheets of 2017. Again this year, Instagram has been at the centre of everything that is happening in the world – from popular culture to cultural movements. People from all over the world came to Instagram to connect directly to their favorite celebrities but what is the most watched star on this social network? Would it be Cristiano Ronaldo who just took the pose with his baby or rather the Rock and his kilos of muscle? And where is Justin Bieber positioned? Answer in the next lines!
In order to celebrate the global community of more than 800 million active users, Instagram has unveiled the key data around the most popular moments and trends on the platform in 2017. And surprise (or not), Cristiano Ronaldo is still the most watched male star on Instagram with more than 116 million subscribers. It is followed by Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and its 95 million subscribers. Finally, Justin Bieber is the third most-watched male star on this social network with no less than 93 million subscribers. Also in the news people, Neymar Jr and Cara Delevigne pass over the noise in the last campaign of the brand.

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