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Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano Jr: “Like father, like Son”, the picture too cute!


Cristiano Jr., the son of Cristiano Ronaldo, is already a star. As Ambassador of the CR7 Junior collection, the boy also literally melts the canvas. And for cause, his famous dad just published a picture too cute in “like father, like Son” mode. We’re cracking. And you, you’ll crack?


Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Real Madrid, has just launched the very first children’s collection of his brand CR7: CR7 Junior Denim. And rather than organising a national casting to unearth several rare young pearls in order to secure the advertising campaign of his brand, the Portuguese footballer has appealed to his own son. Thus Cristiano Jr plays perfectly the model for the junior collection of CR7 Denim of his famous dad. If we have already had the opportunity to discover several pictures of the boy, the Real Madrid star has just unveiled a new and absolutely cute cliché…


Cristiano Ronaldo takes the pose alongside his son. Both dressed in CR7 jeans, the father and son proudly display their protruding abs. And as much to say that from the top of his 7 spring, Cristiano Jr has enough to tidy up good numbers of you gentlemen with his sportsmanship and his appearance as a handsome boy. In short, the worthy heir of his father! Moreover in legend, Cristiano Ronaldo does not fail to tell us “such father, such son”, before reiterating his excitement about the release of his collection CR7 Junior Denim; A collection already available in the BOYS section of the site For the big guy that you are, know that you can also shopper the jeans CR7 Limitless of Cristiano Ronaldo in his private jet.

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