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Cristiano Ronaldo: Shirts, jeans, denim jackets … The best pieces of CR7 Denim!


Cristiano Ronaldo continues to promote his latest fashion project, CR7 Limitless. And at the editor, we concocted a selection of shirts, jeans and denim jackets to make you as fashion as Portuguese.


After launching his own brand of denim, Cristiano Ronaldo keeps us amazed. When it does not give us style lessons, the Real Madrid Portuguese wears ultra-stylish outfits. Always ahead of the trends, Cristiano wants us to look like Jaja with his brand of clothes, CR7 Limitless. And while Cristiano Ronaldo has just shown up with a new jeans of his new claw, a selection of the best undermining of this brand new. Rest assured, most items are sold at less than 100 euros!
A true fan of skinny jeans, Cristiano Ronaldo offers us rooms equipped with an innovative stretch that makes them extensible and ultra comfortable. We really dug the Jean CR7 Type-T You can shopper over here at 129 euros. But if you’re looking for cheaper pants, the jeans at the narrow cut CR7 Type-P sends heavy. And you can buy it on the eshop of CR7 Limitless at only 69 euros. When it comes to shirts, Cristiano Ronaldo-who does not hesitate to wear the whitest of them-we offer several different models, at a price of 59 euros. And as the cold begins to settle gently but surely, you are advised to opt for a denim jacket at 99 euros to tweak your outfit and adopt the look of CR7.

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