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Before facing Tottenham in C1, Cristiano Ronaldo promoted his shirt CR7 Limitless


As he prepares to defy Tottenham in the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to promote a white shirt of his brand, CR7 Limitless.


But where will the fourth Golden Ball stop? Freshly voted best FIFA player, the Real Madrid star continues to feast on us. And as he prepares to defy, this Wednesday, Tottenham in London in the Champions League, the Portuguese decided to promote his clothing brand, CR7 Limitless. And as usual, Cristiano Ronaldo used his Instagram account to do the ‘ promo ‘ of this white shirt. you to adopt a flowering shirt for the summer, you will have to zap it for this fall and think about shopper a new white shirt.


If the white shirt is part of the essentials of a male wardrobe, that of CR7 seems to be the emblem of elegance. Its very adjusted cut (slim fit) highlights the bust of the one who wears it and then refines its silhouette. If you want the shopper and adopt the same look as Cristiano, this is where it happens. The shirt is sold at 59 euros and to match it to your outfit, you are advised to opt for one of Nike’s black sneakers. So, ready to twister your look?

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