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Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his pair of Air Max 97 CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo proudly exhibited his future sneaker on Instagram. This is the Nike Air Max 97 CR7, designed as a tribute to his childhood.
A few hours ago, Nike announced that Air Max 97 CR7 would land on October 23rd. A news that the sneaker addicts enthusiastically welcomed, pressed from shopper (and shoe) the model designed in honor of the Portuguese footballer. But to further increase the interest of his fans, Cristiano Ronaldo himself has promoted his new shoe. He unpacked it in his story Instagram, before posting a picture on which he holds the pair by hand. More than 2 million and a half people have already likée at the time it is … This is to say the enthusiasm aroused by this Air Max 97.
“She’s coming soon!!!!” Here is my Air Max 97 CR7, wrote the main interested in commenting on a photo on which he reveals the golden pair. He also took the opportunity to advise his subscribers to download the Nike SNKRS app, on which the pair will be available on October 23rd as soon as he arrives on the market. Reference to the childhood of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Nike Air Max 97 CR7 consists of a gold rod which appears to have been patched on the sides in the image of the pair that his mother had to sew her up after his parts of football wild. The result is really sensational, and should do its little effect when it comes out. By then, we invite you to (re) discover the LunarCharge Essential validated by CR7 and Richardo Quaresma.

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