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Cristiano Ronaldo: Attacked on Insta, his girlfriend receives unexpected support

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, is the target of sordid attacks on the Internet. CR7 ‘s niece decided to intervene.


We suspected, being the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo is not easy every day. Georgina Rodriguez must not only endure the narcissism of her boyfriend, accommodate the presence of her mother, but also face the attacks of the jealous, who swarm in the wonderful world of the Internet. A Instagram account dedicated to the 23-year-old young woman was created recently as the Portuguese Vidas site has spotted. His purpose? Criticizing Georgina. The account in question, which today counts 246 followers announces the color from the intro: “Follow me only if you hate Georgina.” “If not, don’t follow me.” The message is over. On the menu of this account to the frankly yucky slows, we find everything in the Handbook of the perfect Bully: attacks on physics, sordid comparisons and gratuitous accusations of all kinds. Anyway, everything’s going on.


Faced with the crap, Georgina Rodriguez received the support of Alicia Aveiro the niece of cricket, who took the pen in the name of the Ronaldo family: “It’s ridiculous, you should occupy your time and your energy to do good deeds and do things you love has” U place to incite hatred on the Internet. “Think about it.” A nice reaction that shows that the Spanish mannequin is definitely accepted in the-very closed-Ronaldo clan.

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