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The beauty tips of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his method to become a sex-symbol to the dream plastic in the daily as. Lesson Number One: a small session of ABS.
Does not become the sexiest of football players who wants. But Cristiano Ronaldo is a good and altruistic man, he never hesitates to make a good pass to his partners, or distilled precious beauty tips for us men, jealous and admiring in the face of his insane success. Although the player is featured in our selection of the most beautiful buttocks of the year, to shine alongside Megan Fox for Armani, Cristiano Ronaldo does not let any detail pass. “Come on guys!” launches a small voice thin the Portuguese, “has your abs …”
beauty tips of Cristiano Ronaldo
We turn on the TV and in one small hour the session is over. “100 … 200 … 3000, rest “delivers Cristiano Ronaldo barely breathless.” No half-measure to be a good champion in his head, well in his body, if his legs are insured for 100 million euros, Cristiano Ronaldo when he makes abs, he counts by hundred, per thousand! This work according to the saying of the Apollo helps to avoid pubic problems and lumbar pain. Would he have decided to overturn the rumors about his horizontal benefits?

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