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Sophie Reade is ready to do anything for Cristiano Ronaldo

Sophie Reade comes straight out of Big Brother reality TV; She’s willing to do anything to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife.
Here’s a new one! The new reality TV Bimbo that opens its doors to a person of 75 years old, Big Brother wants to get the Portuguese football player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Must be said at the same time that the young man was elected “the Sexiest Man” by a gay magazine (I share their opinion). Sophie Reade is therefore “admiring” before this marvel of football, she says “Cristiano Ronaldo is perfect for me, in all, except maybe something.” His only flaw is to play for Manchester United. Yes bah even with that I take it anyway!
The beautiful lady is a fan of Liverpool; But that’s not what will make her hate Cristiano. Do you think! “He’s incredibly athletic,” she explains, “It’s the most beautiful.” Yes this is true, we may have noticed, but be careful Cristinao Ronaldo is bad loser. Sophie Reade still believes that her beautiful hearth is Spanish “he has this typically Spanish attraction”; Uh rather a Miss Portuguese attraction …! But that’s okay. I don’t know if you have all your chances, Sophie, our beautiful footballer would have a relationship with Bellei’s sister. But don’t worry, Sophie, your assets can turn it away from her path. In any case, as they say, Cristiano Ronaldo apparently likes to be dominated, so you know what you still have to do?! 😉

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