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Ronaldo’s better, the transvestites confirm!

The old gold ball is currently one of the Brazilian media for a dark history of morals. A feast well watered, music, girls … that are finally not …
The player from Ac Milan had come to witness the (deserved) victory of his heart club in the final of the Rio Championship. Flamengo took it in a good performance. He had decided, however, to continue the feast after having taken his girlfriend home (I hope she does not read the newspapers). He would have been scammed.
Wanting to have a little fun with two prostitutes (I really hope she does not read the newspapers), the player realized that he did not deal with the ones he believed. The two bitumen technicians were actually transvestites. They had even planned to blackmail the football player (and when we see what Jean Pierre François ‘ record gave us, we understand that this is a mistake). A compromising video has also circulated on Youtube (ah the new technologies …)
When Ronaldo saw his mistake, he would have threatened to hit Andreia who accuses the “phenomenon” of having asked him to buy drugs, according to statements from the transvestite to the press. Ronaldo “narrated that Andreia took the papers from his car and demanded $30,000,” explained Commissioner Nogueira. “Ronaldo recognized the facts, he said he wanted to have fun, it’s not a crime.” Paying for sexual relations is not a crime. “There is a good chance that Ronaldo was the victim of extortion,” said the Commissioner.
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