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Paris Hilton vs. Cristiano Ronaldo!

The Portuguese star of the round ball refuses to be in the presence of Paris Hilton while he is taking a good time in California … Do they play cat and mouse?

Cristiano Ronaldo, the now famous footballer of the Portuguese national team, had decided to drown his heartbreak of love at Coco Deville, a famous Hollywood nightclub in California … The sexiest elected player of the Euro 2008 was however disturbed while he drank vodka at a private table with his friends: Paris Hilton in person appeared!

Yet this encounter was not the taste of Cristiano who sent him a good and proper wind when she tried to sit down with him. He has indeed simply turned his back! This did not make the starlet flinch because apparently she ate the beautiful footballer’s eyes all evening … Cristiano, he, tried to drag himself as far as possible from her with her crutches!
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