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Is Ronaldo going to leave football?

The attacker from Brazil and AC Milan announced on Friday that he did not know yet whether he would pursue his career.

At a press conference organized today at the exit of the hospital, the attacker from Brazil and AC Milan said he did not know where he was. After having been operated in Paris at the Hôpital Pitie-Salpêtrière last week, for a rupture of the patellar tendon of the left knee, these are heavy re-education sessions that await the double golden ball. This operation arises as a result of his knee injury to the Italian championship against the club Livorno.

Ronaldo would then have claimed that it would be very hard psychologically as physically. “I have not yet decided what to do.” My will is to keep playing, my heart tells me that, but my body gives me signs that he is tired, that he asks for rest. If at the end, I’m physically remitted and can play, good. “Otherwise, it will be a difficult decision to make, but it will be the decision.” The top scorer of the 2002 World Cup, will have to arm himself with a lot of patience and will have to seriously think about his condition because he does not have it in his first operation of this kind. It was operated in Paris, eight years ago, of a rupture of the right patellar tendon which occurred as it evolved under the colours of Inter Milan.
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