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Football: Start of the negotiations for Ronaldo

Manchester United are ready to trade with Real Madrid for the transfer of the star of the Red Devils, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Currently recuperating, Cristiano Ronaldo will probably no longer’s next season. He may well be wearing the Real Madrid jersey. Indeed, the leaders of Manchester United have just announced that they were ready to negotiate the departure of their best player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Glazer family, owner of the English club since 2004, has “agreed to the operation”.

While it was declared “untransferable” a few days ago, Ronaldo might well leave Old Trafford to tread the Santiago Bernabeu lawn. The displayed wills of the player and Real Madrid for a transfer of the Portuguese from this summer were due to the reluctance of mancuniennes. The player claims from the Euro that he wants to join the Merengue and he would have already accepted a contract of more than 9 million euros per season.

It is now up to the two clubs to find an agreement on the amount of the transaction. Real had already proposed 80 million euros a few weeks ago and Manchester would like an extra 20. The record of the world’s most dear transfer may well be exceeded. It was the one by Zein, in 2001. His arrival in Madrid from Juventus Turin had cost 520 million francs (about 79 million euros).
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