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Football: End of the Ronaldo series

Cristiano Ronaldo told the Portuguese newspaper Publico that he remained in Manchester United but that he would be Madrid next year.

This is the end of the serial Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker told the Portuguese newspaper Publico that it would be’s this season. “Ferguson heard my arguments, I heard his own and, in fact, we agreed between us that the best for both parties is that I continue.” On the other hand, the Spanish daily Marca says that an agreement was reached between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester to sign the real Madrid next season.

This interview with the Portuguese newspaper puts an end to the serial Cristiano Ronaldo. It had started last June when the player had confessed in press conference wanting to join Madrid. “My will has been, for some time, that Manchester agrees to transfer me to Madrid.” “To say otherwise would be deceived people and my own conscience,” he said. He also recognizes that he is “the great leader of all this controversy.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is still in Portugal where he recovers from his surgery to the right ankle he underwent last July. The return on the grounds of the best Manchester United player is scheduled for the month of October
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