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Does Robert Pattinson have the most beautiful body in the summer of 2009?

What we like the least in the summer is when it ends. But not so fast,  gives you the ranking of the most beautiful bodies of the summer 2009. Here is the top 10 of the best built boys this summer: Where will Robert Pattinson be?
Summer 2009 ends. To begin this comeback with good humour, I propose the Top 10 of the most beautiful male bodies of this summer. Let’s start with the most beautiful body of all our favorite celebrities, the one with the most beautiful chocolate bars. I name in 1st place without hesitation the magnificent Zac Efron, bare or almost, which has the most beautiful torso of this summer 2009. It’s his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens who’s lucky. In the second place, one of the Twilight cannons … it is of course the young and very muscular Taylor Lautner, who will be in American Idol.
For the third place of this Top 10 of the most beautiful male bodies of the summer 2009, I present to you the magnificent and hefty Mehcad Brooks. Doesn’t that name mean anything to you? Yet he plays in one of this year’s flagship series True Blood with actress Anna Paquin. Let’s continue following this ranking, with fourth place Kellan Lutz, aka Emmett Cullen in Twilight. The actor is probably much tougher than Taylor Lautner but the latter is much younger than Lutz. As a result, Lautner’s abs impress us all the more. We find in fifth place this Top 10 Hugh Jackman, who says that Robert Pattinson is a great actor, still as robust at the age of 40 years.
For the sixth place of our ranking, do not expect yet to find your favourite Robert Pattinson, who has a date with Kristen Stewart. It is rather the sublime Chace Crawford who deserves to occupy this place. A dream corps from the top of his 24-year-old Crawford has been repeatedly elected the most coveted bachelor in Hollywood. In seventh position, it is the very sensual David Beckham, the sexiest English footballer on the planet. And who is the second sexiest footballer? Cristiano Ronaldo, who would not be a good shot, thus occupies the eighth place of the Top 10.
Finally we arrive at the last two of our ranking of the 10 most beautiful bodies of the summer 2009. In ninth position I definitely place the ex-boyfriend of Madonna alias Jesus Luz, who posed for Dolce & Gabbana. Admire this perfect Brazilian musculature that is worth to our last of the Top 10 its ultimate place. But who is in the tenth place of the ranking? I have named the darling  the beautiful kid par excellence of Twilight: Robert Pattinson, posing for Vanity Fair Italia. Certainly Pattinson has a perfect face and a devastating look; Certainly Pattinson makes all the girls fall with her irresistible charm; But Robert Pattinson could do better in his torso. Don’t you agree?

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