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Cristiano Ronaldo offers a luxury prostitute?

According to the British weekly News of the World, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo would have, for several months, rented the services of a luxury escort girl.

The English tabloids have to rub their hands. After the holidays of Cristiano Ronaldo this summer, the Manchester United striker returns in the news. According to the weekly News of the World, Portuguese would have offered the services (and pleasures) of a luxury prostitute for several months in the biggest secret for more than 2,500 euros. A reporter investigated …

The beautiful young woman, Fernanda, works for five of the largest escort agencies in London. A reporter from the magazine gave his person (well, he received quite a bit in exchange) and paid the beautiful Brazilian by being passed for an ordinary customer. It disbursed 460 pounds (581 euros) for an integral sexual relationship to three and 120 pounds (150 euros) more for the two grams of cocaine that accompanied them during the night. Here is the video of the arrival of the reporter in the room of Fernanda and his girlfriend

During this evening, the journalist had proof that the footballer, elected gay icon this summer, had a “strong complicity” with the prostitute. But the scandal does not stop there. The champion of England would have put an end to their antics because he could not bear to share … with his teammates. Indeed, the reporter of the News of the World would have discovered at Fernanda pictures of Ronaldo … but also of three other players in Manchester United. Guaranteed Ambiance in the Old Trafford locker room.

In the meantime, whether this information is true or not, why would it not have the right to grant this kind of service? After all it’s his private life.
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