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Cristiano Ronaldo makes the girls fall …

… because of its very sexy calendar. The Manchester United football player took David Beckham’s step in the making of a calendar.

But what fly this year has the players of the round ball been bitten? After David Beckham and his calendar that knows how to flatter the retina of young women or men who love men, here is that Cristiano Ronaldo fits in the list of footballers who each year come out their calendar. Manchester United’s number 7 knows he likes it and he’s interested.

Recently involved in a case related to sex, Cristiano despite him, likes to make talk about him and unfortunately it is not only his qualities that are put forward. On the pictures The football player appears in his simplest device. Unlike the photos of David Tavaré who are wanted, Cristiano himself, simply offers his sculpture to who is interested.

While waiting for you to get the calendar, I let the most athletic of you enjoy this portrait of him:
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