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Cristiano Ronaldo: A little too violent?

Footballer Christiano Ronaldo was treated as a violent boaster after a game in Brazil this weekend. But then Christiano what happens, a transient blood stroke?

The idol of Manchester United, I named the footballer Christiano Ronaldo was accused of trying to break Tiago Silva’s leg in a match where Portugal tilted face to Brazil 6-2. Tiago Silva let his anger burst by declaring: “Christiano is a violent guy and if I had not strayed from his path he would have broken my leg”. Well then Christiano you who capsize the hearts of the girls, you do not know how to behave in society!

Defender Tiago Silva also states: “He has the courage to say that he did not touch me, but only because I was able to avoid it”. The Portuguese player would then have realised that he had been mistaken, but Silva refuses to accept Christiano’s apology. The player Marcello tells the rest of the altercation “he shoved me in the chest and I told him he shouldn’t have done that.” “Then he tried to shout louder than I did.” It’s not because we’re the sexiest player to be violent, it’s not going together in fact.

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