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Cristiano Ronaldo is the new Gold Ball 2008

Last night our friend the football player of Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo was elected Golden Ball of the year 2008. And yes, the best player of the year is him.

The Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo of the Manchester United team became the Golden Ball France 2008 last night. The player who recently had some problems with other players who were accusing Cristiano Ronaldo of being a little too violent, was crowned by the press the best player of the year 2008.

He succeeds other exceptional players like Ronadinho, Zidane, Ronaldo, Papin …. So it’s easy to understand why this award is expected by the players. But it may also be noted that this new reward will only strengthen Cristiano Ronaldo’s sex appeal, whose reputation with girls is no longer to be done. anyway; Congratulations!!!
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