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Cristiano Ronaldo: He leaves his girlfriend out of jealousy!

The Portuguese player, of very jealous character, broke up with his girlfriend because she would have looked at another man … In this case the footballer Sergio Ramos who is at Real Madrid! But his girlfriend denies the breakup!

The Portuguese footballer, elected the sexiest player of the Euro 2008, would be a real jealous! Cristiano has this trait so accentuated that he could not bear that his companion, the star of the nightclubs Nereida Gallardo, can find another attractive man! Cristiano is really upset because he is his future partner of Real Madrid, that is Sergio Ramos, with whom Nereida Gallardo had had a relationship before going out with him.

The mother of the Portuguese would have added a diaper pointing out that the kitten was with him only for the money! At the same time, he still offered her a porch so it’s quite plausible …

The relationship had lasted almost 7 months and seemed to be serious with the engagement announcement. The rupture took place even though he was going to have the ankle surgery, a difficult time in his career so. Let’s hope it doesn’t destabilise him. In any case, this news will make the player’s many fans crazy!

In the last news, the ex assures that she is still and always with the Portuguese player! There’s obviously a misunderstanding. The bimbo told the Daily Mirror “I don’t know where this story comes from.” I spoke to him today, as always. “I know what was said in the papers but everything is wrong.” To follow then!
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