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Cristiano Ronaldo dives too much!

Cristiano Ronaldo dives too much
In your opinion, who of Ronaldo or Alain Bernard dives the best? Once again, the Portuguese star was criticized. We complained that Ronaldo is diving too much! Dream. Does he ever become an actor?
The Gold Ball 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo has an additional enemy. This is Luka Modric, the great hope of Tottenham and the national team of Croatia. The two players met last Sunday at the final of the English League Cup. And the Spurs ‘ leader was really bored by the comedy scenes of the man who chained the amorous conquests. He even told the English press: “He’s a great player, but he has to stop playing football.” Especially in England. “Such behavior shocks me, and he should know that adding to each action will not help him to be appreciated here”.
This is not the first time that one has protested as to Cristiano Ronaldo who is ready to break the bank of Manchester. And yes, remember that the Portuguese genius spat on a player. It was in front of Robbie Savage, playing Derby country. Anyway, all this to tell you that Ronaldo is playing too much comedy on the field. Let him stop his scenes a little. It will probably be more appreciated by the English public.

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