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Cristiano Ronaldo comes out with Lal Fernando

The beautiful Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer alone. The lucky one is Lal, former Miss Italy 1994 and TV host on the channels of Berlusconi.

It is a very sad day for the female fan of sex symbol Cristiano Ronaldo. The footballer is no longer single. After his recent breakup with Nereida Gallardo, the young boy consoled himself in the arms Letizia, a beautiful Italian.

The 30-year-old animator made herself known thanks to her election of Miss Italy in 1994. The two lovebirds met on the football yacht Fabio Cannavaro off Capri. Cristiano would not have left his beautiful eyes. Despite some reluctance towards his age, Lal would have agreed to exchange phone numbers.
The beautiful Cristiano is currently recuperating in Portugal following an operation of the ankle. The footballer wants to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid. A decision that is not to the liking of his club that opposes this transfer.
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