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Cristiano Ronaldo comes out with Raffaella Fico

Opens the doors of the world of the famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the words, he would go out with the dummy, Raffaella Fico, who would still be a virgin.
Remember his famous idyll with Lal, He is known to be a football God but also for his smile. And yes! Cristiano Ronaldo knocks down the girls. They fall to the reverse as soon as they enter a football field. The girls only have eyes for him. Freshly installed in Madrid, it is in the sights of the beautiful mannequin, Raffaela Fico. What’s she got more than the other girls?
Raffaela Fico is Italian. She is 21 years old and is known for winning the show “Grande Fratello”, also said “The Big Brother Italian” last year. On his release, the famous dummy had launched the idea of selling her virginity for only 1.5 million francs. What a strange idea! “I am very anxious to see who will pay for having me,” she said as a result of her remarks, adding, “If I don’t like it?” “I only have to drink a glass of wine to forget it.” And who is the lucky one? If we agree on the fact that it is not a mere marketing coup, Raffaela Fico has however managed to attract Cristiano Ronaldo who, with his transfer of 94 million euros and an annual salary of 13 million euros, will not resist the temptation. Nothing is used to want to pretend to be Cristiano Ronaldo, someone has already tried …

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