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Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton are still being caught

Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton spent another evening together. When the rich heiress wants something, she gets it right away.
Miss Hilton is very temperamental, and all she desires, she always gets it. She wanted Cristiano Ronaldo and she got it. Remember, last Wednesday, the football star had been located in Los Angeles in a trendy box of California city, alongside Paris Hilton. The wealthy heiress had indeed surprised Cristiano and hastened to go to see him not to change his habits: to flirt! Last year she had already tried to seduce him but had failed. Paris is not the only one, Sophie Reade is also willing to do anything to be with Ronaldo. This time she redoubled her effort and when Paris wants, she gets. Bingo for the Miss! Paris Hilton managed to kiss Cristiano Ronaldo and even spent the night with.
Paris Hilton attacked at a crucial time for our beautiful brown; Indeed Cristiano Ronaldo Changes club, he will soon play for Real Madrid and will therefore have to settle in Spain. But it is not as far as it is to be cleaned; The footballer who today weighs 94 million euros has just been grilled (or not). We see him coming out of the Paris Hilton House in Beverly Hills; Where the young heiress gave a little private party. This time Cristiano will not watch late; Not like the last time he took refuge with the Belle at five o’clock in the morning. Now we see him leaving about two o’clock in the morning. Of course, 94 million euros makes us come home early.
This time it’s done with Doug Reinhardt; Paris Hilton had taken a few days off with him at the Cannes film Festival. The poor thing, he wanted to ask him to marry him: missed my guy! And then the wind that Paris Hilton had taken with Robert Pattinson did not make him happy. So she took revenge on Cristiano and got it!

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