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Beckham advises the Real to Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes you don’t dream David Beckham talks about football, it’s been a long time. The spice boy wants to advise Cristiano Ronaldo on a possible transfer to Real Madrid.

In an interview given to the BBC, the ex-Merengue said that Portuguese would make a bad choice by joining the Spanish capital.

“He has only recently been in Manchester and has the chance to have many people around him who protect him.” “Even if Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world, Cristiano is only at the beginning of his MU cycle.” For the record, the Madrid adventure for David Beckham was not a rest, it seems logical that he has a bad memory.

Cristiano Ronaldo As for him continues to make the doubt glide. The latter is well aware of the economic benefits of such a transfer. Even if the sporty aspect is not negligible it should touch a sacred jackpot for his salary.
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