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A guy is passing for Cristiano Ronaldo to bring down the girls

It looks like the Portuguese footballer and it became his strategy of seduction: He spent the night with 5 young ladies interested in the beautiful Ronaldo …

Maybe the smart guy read our article about Ronaldo’s success with the girls. The footballer makes envious indeed, he even has the means to afford the escort girl. So Jaime Wright, 21, began to maintain his starting resemblance with the Manchester player: slicked hair, Playboy Tan, Portuguese accent, diamond in the ear, everything is assembled.

This young chameleon Metamorphoses on Saturday night to go flirting, and on Sunday morning he confesses to his prey that he is only a look-alike: and the girls found it funny after him! But the real Ronaldo could ill take it, or even appeal to justice … An info revealed by “The underside of the Sport”.
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