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Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres?

Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres
Two teams, two stars. Cristiano Ronaldo on one side with Portugal and on the other, Fernando Torres for Spain. The first one has not yet shone, the other penalty. Who will come out of this game?
They are the two super stars of Iberian football but it does not shine as much as it should. Fernando Torres has just finished a black season with Liverpool where he was even wounded. The last match of Fernando Torres is the large victory of Spain against Poland. On the other side, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared less relaxed at training before this Portugal-Spain. Nevertheless, he is much more fit than Torres in the sight of his season, but his talent should allow him to overcome a redress, to pass from star status to that of legend.
After Portugal-Brazil, Cristiano Ronaldo will have to give all the breadth of his genius to get into history. Fernando Torres is very interested in Manchester City and other great clubs because he also has a huge talent. Although the 2009/10 season is not his best, there is still a great player and it may be this great game that will offer him the opportunity to return to his highest level. The match Portugal-Spain has already started between Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo but football is a story of heart. So between Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres, what is your favorite player?

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