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Cristiano Ronaldo: Nail polish or rotten feet?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Nail polish
Um, this is a tricky question that all the drafting has looked at. Does Cristiano Ronaldo varnish his toenails? Analysis of photos, blow of yarn to the experts, nothing is still safe but we have leads.
It was the scoop of the day: pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo, on vacation, and with the nails of black feet. The first thought that came through the writing was to believe that Cristiano, the handsome kid on top, was varnishing his toes. And with all the rumors about him, even though he became a dad a little Cristiano Ronaldo junior, we were entitled to ask questions. In short, after comments from Cr9thebest, we reanalyzed the situation.
The first question was whether the football player did not just have the black fingernails. Well yes, typing in the ball it ends up damaging the feet but from there to have the 10 toes reached, it’s a bit big. Finally, the most probable hypothesis concerned the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo actually has the feet damaged by football and that suddenly he prefers to varnish them rather than dragging his feet on the beach. For someone who is very keen on his appearance, it is true that it is not stupid.
But it seems that the answer is quite different. Still according to the Internet user Cr9thebest, Cristiano Ronaldo would actually have participated in a rather murky photo shoot where he will be found with a pale complexion to the Edward Cullen and wearing dark clothes. A little gothic shoot what! And so, there is a part of the odds that Cristiano would have painted his feet on this occasion. But hey, Irina Shayk could have lent her some disolvent. It seems that doubt still hovers over the true reason of these black fingernails. We’ll let you know!

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