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Cristiano Ronaldo: Valentine’s Day, his gift for Irina Shayk!

Ronaldo was in New York on Valentine’s Day: He was photographed in front of a Gucci store! 

Ronaldo retired! What is it? But no, this is the Brazilian of 35 years – the true, the only Ronaldo who will live forever in my heart. While the news fell, Ronaldo (Cristiano) was photographed at the time he came out of Gucci with … a handbag and lipstick! Don’t be bad languages: Yesterday was Valentine’s Day; And Irina Shayk went to the “Later Show” by David Letterman, which took place in … New York! How to believe at random? On the day of the Feast of the lovers, CR7 could not do otherwise than to fly to New York to join his flame! So no, Cristiano is not gay!

This is the moment when the real false news regarding the Portuguese news is falling in burst: First it is sent to retire by confusing it with its Brazilian counterpart; And then we learn that Mourinho would be his rival … banking! Don’t throw it away! All this surely did not stop Cristiano from enjoying Irina Shayk on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Pending the resumption of the Champions League – Real Madrid will face Lyon next week, for an explosive rematch (the lyonnaises are badly barred in my opinion) – the beautiful Cristiano surely has other things to do than to worry about Gossip we peddling about him!

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