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Cristiano Ronaldo: Mourinho, his bank rival

Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho are officially rivals! Don’t worry, it’s for fun!

Yesterday we learned that Mourinho was defending Ronaldo from the attacks of the Spanish press. Today he decides instead to confront him! No, no controversy or risk of seeing Cristiano heat the bench of real: The Portuguese coach is still well aware that if the real has returned to the Barca, he owes it partly to the 24 goals, and other decisive passes, registered by CR7 since the beginning of the CHA Mpionnat. Cristiano is the Ambassador of the Portuguese bank Banco Espirito Santo. Mourinho him, as you go to see on video, made the commercial for the Millenium Banco Comercial Portugués. When they tell you they’re rivals, you understand why!

I can not translate Portuguese, but Mourinho offers us a sentence worthy of his reputation: “I am not the best, but there is no better than me”! From “Special One” as one likes – or hates. Frankly, CR7, whose ego we know well, could have taken that one out! Cristiano Ronaldo is already upset about the situation in Egypt, we are not going to try to put him back to back with his trainer by creating false rumors! Ronaldo wants his son to love football and succeeds him: you think he will force him to open an account in the bank he represents?

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