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Cristiano Ronaldo: Irinia Shayk, a wedding for July 2011?

That’s the rumor of the day! Cristiano Ronaldo would have asked for his beautiful in marriage.

This is the rumor that created the buzz today on the net: Cristiano would have asked Irina Shayk in marriage a few days ago in New York. Hey Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo has to be the most paid football player in the world and sometimes miss (often?) of humility, there is nonetheless a great romantic. According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, the footballer would have taken advantage of a few days off in New York to ask for the hand of Irina Shayk, who is more on Valentine’s Day!

After more than a year of relationship, the couple would have skipped the step. The wedding would be planned this summer, July. For the time being, neither Cristiano nor Irina, who poses for the Sport Illustrated magazine, have confirmed the good news. But promised as soon as we get a new one, we’re sure to warn you. And you, do you find that Cristiano did well to ask for Irina Shayk, who has hairs on her legs, in marriage?

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