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Cristiano Ronaldo: his wound!

Cristiano Ronaldo was injured yesterday in the match won by Real Madrid against the Madrid Athletico. The Derby did not luck the Portuguese, which woke its wound.

Cristiano Ronaldo may have returned a little too quickly to the competition during the qualifying of Real Madrid for the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Lyon (3-0). Indeed, Ronaldo who had injured himself in his 7-0 victory over Malaga, he had entered a triplet. Cristiano Ronaldo (26 years old, 27 games and 27 goals in La Liga this season) is repaint to the femoral biceps (thigh muscle). The question was to know the severity of the injury.

Released at the 72nd minute of the match against the Athletico, Cristiano Ronaldo who is afraid of Barca, has been frightened once again. He will pass new exams to know the severity of his injury and thus know the period of his unavailable. It could miss several important deadlines: Chile and Finland with its Portuguese selection, and perhaps, according to the information, the quarter-final against Tottenham which will be played on 5 April next. So he could miss two to three weeks! So, disgusted?

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