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Cristiano Ronaldo: He runs a pub for Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently running a new pub for Nike. 

While Cristiano Ronaldo is the best paid football player in the world, and his girlfriend Irina Shayk promotes the latest issue of the American magazine Sports Illustrated 2011 which she makes the cover sexy, the Portuguese also makes the pub for Nike. And yes, apparently his astronomical salary at Real Madrid is not enough, and he has to round off his end of the month by making publicity for his sponsor. Moreover, Cristiano Ronado loves cameras because he is approached to play in the remake of the war movie “V for Victory”.

Still, it is to be bet that in the next pub of Nike that will stage Cristiano Ronaldo, we will not see the Portuguese football player wearing the New Jersey of the team of France who brought luck to the Blues when they meet against the team of Brazil, won on the score from 1 to 0. Hopefully however that the shooting of this pub for Nike will allow Cristiano Ronaldo to return more in shape on the grounds. Don’t you see the relationship between the two? Me neither.

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