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Cristiano Ronaldo: He performs a dribble of the back

This weekend, real Madrid won 4 goals to 1 against real Sociedad. Cristiano Ronaldo has not only registered a double, but he also invented a dribble of madness!

The Espaldinha: This is the name that the Spanish media gave to the dribble invented by the awesome Cristiano Ronaldo. When Ronaldo is not suspected of cheating Irina Shayke and so many other damsels, he plays football! Cristiano Ronaldo had already made the buzz with his baby fallen from the sky. There he shows us how to dribble without a ball, and that’s how football fans love him, that is to say in the skin of the best player in the world! While Real Madrid already leads 2 to 0, the Portuguese has a great intuition: he gets a pass with his back and dribbles his opponent! The video goes from any comment: it’s madness!

The Espaldinha – dribbling with the back, for those who have not understood – is a first in football. Ronaldinho may have made an incredible gesture recently, sending the ball behind the goal – with an incredible effect – but he was in training. Cristiano made his move during a championship game! The real info is that Ronaldo doesn’t even need his feet to clear his opponents! So he’s so talented that we’re even ready to forgive him for his floating sex disaster! This is a dribble that could make you think those who gave the golden ball to the Barcelona Lionel Messi …

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