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Cristiano Ronaldo: He bets his number of goals against Lyon!

The Real Madrid player has bet with his fans on the number of goals he will score against OL in the Champions League and promises the winner a very nice gift. 
Cristiano Ronaldo, with the humility that he is known, once again spoke of him: for the game of this evening against Lyon, the Portuguese footballer wanted to spice things up. Cristiano has indeed offered his fans on Facebook to bet on the number of goals he will score against OL. The one who has seen just will win the watch of Cristiano worth 100 000 euros! Despite the overconfidence and arrogance of the message, the bet wins a great success since 30 000 fans have already adhered to the principle by clicking “I Love”.

Last year, Cristiano had scored the sole goal of Madrid against Lyon, which unfortunately for him had not been used to qualify his team. It would still have to be one tonight. And you, would you be willing to bet on the watch of Cristiano Ronaldo, who turns a pub for Nike? How many goals do you think this evening will be? The bets are open!

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