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Cristiano Ronaldo: Actor in a war movie

Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as other football stars like David Beckham or Wayne Rooney were contacted to play in a remake of a war movie titled “Escape to Victory”. 

Right now, Cristiano Ronaldo is not very fit. He missed the gold Ball 2010 for the benefit of Lionel Messi, and has not scored a goal for more than 450 minutes with his Real Madrid club. Cristiano Ronaldo, does the best paid football player in the world really deserve his astronomical salary? In any case, Cristiano Ronaldo could very quickly reconvert. And it’s the world of filmmaking that makes her foot. No, no, it’s not a joke. 

The remake of a war film of the year 1980

Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo was contacted by a certain Vinnie Jones, former Footballeer reconverted into the cinema, in order to play in the remake of a war movie titled “Escape to Victory”. as we are very serious people, we did our little investigation. “Escape to Victory”, is a film released in 1981, which counts the story of a group of allies prisoners during World War II. In the original film, several stars of the round ball of the time, like Bobby Moore, Paul Van Himst, or the great Pelé, played alongside Sylvester Stallone.

Full of football stars

For now, many well-known and talented football players have been contacted to play in the remake of the movie “Escape to victory” like Cristiano Ronaldo who just celebrated his birthday, of course, but also David Beckham, or even Wayne Rooney. The Golden Ball 2010 Lionel Messi, has not yet been contacted, or he has not at all been interested. Still a little patience and hope before seeing Cristiano Ronaldo in a Hollywood movie!

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